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Drink David Lynch's New 'Twin Peaks' Beer While You Try to Figure Out WTF Is Going On in 'Twin Peaks'

The limited-edition beers are the result of a collaboration between Lynch and Danish microbrewery Mikkeller.
Image via Mikkeller NYC

If you belong to the (probably pretty large) subset of Twin Peaks fans who also love guzzling beer, rejoice. Yesterday, the New York division of Danish microbrewery Mikkeller unveiled three beers—appropriately dubbed Log Lady Lager, Damn Good Coffee Stout, and Red Room Ale—in homage to the series. The beers are the result of a partnership between Mikkeller NYC and series creator David Lynch himself.


"These are limited-edition beers, and will likely sell out quickly," Mikkeller NYC General Manager Jim Raras tells MUNCHIES over email. He notes that fewer than 100 cases of these beers will be released across California starting this Friday, October 13. The beers will be available during this weekend's second-annual Festival of Disruption, a Los Angeles event orchestrated by Lynch that features music performances, screenings, artist talks, and exhibits. They'll also be sold at Mikkeller breweries in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, and San Francisco, though Raras notes that Oakland and San Diego are the only cities where you'll be able to buy the beers for off-premise consumption.

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Conversations with Lynch regarding this collaboration took approximately six months. Some of Mikkeller NYC's team members knew people who worked with Lynch, and the two parties decided to team up shortly after establishing contact. Lynch was closely involved in the production process following these initial conversations, from big-picture conceptual stages down to more granular taste tests. Mikkeller NYC's Art Director Keith Shore designed the remarkably intricate cans, fashioning them after the moody, slightly unsettling aesthetic of the original Twin Peaks and its 2017 reboot.

Each of the beers has a distinct, carefully constructed flavor: The Log Lady Lager is a Pilsner with "rustic and earthy hop aromas" that sit above a delicate, doughy malt foundation, while the Red Room Ale is "a Berliner-style Weisse beer brewed with copious amounts of pomegranate," giving it a deep, ruby red hue. The Damn Good Coffee Stout, meanwhile, is an oatmeal stout with a slightly bitter mouthfeel, brewed with David Lynch's Signature Cup Organic House Blend coffee.

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For now, Raras says his energies are mostly focused on this weekend's Festival of Disruption, though he's certainly not opposed to selling the beer beyond California. He's tickled by the interest generated by yesterday's news of the release. "Given the incredible response we received today in just a few hours after announcement, it's certainly a possibility," Raras tells MUNCHIES when asked about the possibility of expansion. "New York City would be the obvious next city."

Cross your fingers, New York.