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Welcome to October's Very Owned, a Podcast About Drake

An episode about Drake. Every single day. For a month.

Every day for the month of October, Noisey will be recording a podcast solely about Drake called October's Very Owned. Thirty-one episodes, all about the 6 God. "Why would you do this to yourselves?" is a reasonable question you might be asking yourself. We're not sure! But hopefully, after many, many hours of talking about (and lightly roasting) Drake, we'll learn more about Drake, about life, and maybe even [looks at camera] …ourselves. Join us on this spiritual podcasting journey that will assuredly result in our brains melting from having to say the word "Drake" over and over!


The inaugural October's Very Owned episode is called "Drake the Meme."

Are we clowning Drake, or is Drake clowning himself? Is Drake clowning us? Is Drake clowning us clowning him by clowning himself? In this episode, Noisey's social media team, Trey Smith and Annalise Domenighini, joins hosts editor-in-chief Eric Sundermann and staff writer Dan Ozzi in an attempt to unravel the enigma that is the evolution of Drake the actor to Drake the rapper to Drake the meme.

Since his musical debut over a decade ago in the form of several ambitiously star-studded mixtapes, fans and haters alike have marveled at Drake's ability to evolve as swiftly as the internet does. From the benign virality of the dance moves in the "Hotline Bling" video to his use of derisive Twitter memes onstage at OVO Fest 2015 in a calculated move that would prove a fatal ego blow for Meek Mill in their elaborate beef, few other artists have managed to harness the power of the internet like Drake, and nowhere near as deliberately or skillfully.

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