Here's What's Going On with Those Weird Ads on Right Now
All art by Toilet Paper


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Here's What's Going On with Those Weird Ads on Right Now

Artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari have infected our website with their bizarre and grotesque 'Toilet Paper' images.

Content is fun and all, but it's the ads that keep the lights on which is why they are inescapable on the internet. They obscure your screen when you hit the homepage of your favorite website, they play for what feels like five minutes before you can watch a five-second clip on YouTube, and sometimes they even trick you into thinking that they aren't trying to sell you on "miracle cures" that promise to keep your weight down or your dick up.


For one day, in honor of the launch of VICE's glorious new photo issue, we have decided to flip this paradigm. In the spaces where brands are usually fighting for your attention and your dollars, we've injected some honest-to-goodness art by Toilet Paper, the weird project of artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari. Their dirty biannual photo-based magazine specializes in mixing grotesque, absurd imagery with the glossy, sterility of commercial art.

So if you're scrolling through the pages of today, you might find some truly bizarre shit vying for your attention—like a handsome man being bukkaked with toothpaste or a wholesome-looking young lady sticking her red tongue into an ashtray filled with dirt and nasty cigarettes butts. Do yourself a favor and click one of these strange "ads" to see where it takes you. We promise we're not trying to sell you anything. But whether or not you'll regret clicking is an entirely different story.

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