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English National Opera Bans Water Bottles After Patrons Smuggle Vodka In

Nothing like a shot of straight liquor to liven up 'The Magic Flute'.
Photo via Flickr user Nanc Price / Composite by MUNCHIES staff. 

Everyone loves a good opera, but have you ever tried watching a performance while secretly knocking back straight vodka? You still get to witness the incredible vocal range of the singers, the ridiculous dramas, and the spectacle of it all—but drunk! Carmen, Tristan und Isolde, La Boheme: all improved vastly with a few sips of Russian standard voddy.

Unfortunately, the squares at the English National Opera have taken umbrage with audience members sneaking vodka into their performances, so much so that they have decided to ban all open water bottles during shows.


According to a statement on its website, the ENO has made a blanket change to its food and drink policy, requiring patrons to empty and refill bottles before performances. In the message, CEO Stuart Murphy writes, “Other than sealed water bottles, we won’t allow any food or drink to be brought into the Coliseum from outside for any performance, irrespective of genre.”

Many have questioned the ENO’s newly stringent water bottle rules. One opera enthusiast, Calum Kennedy, tweeted his concerns, saying, “Watching ENO stewards making punters empty water bottles across the steps of the Coliseum, rather than allow dangerous H2O into the building. This still feels like unwelcoming craziness.”

However, Murphy was quick to clarify the real issue with water bottles, explaining in a tweet: “What’s unwelcoming is people decanting vodka into water bottles and ruining the experience for the vast majority of our beloved audience.”

Guess that’s my opera-viewing days over.