Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, October 2018
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli
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Monthly Horoscope: Virgo, October 2018

What will Venus retrograde mean for you?
September 28, 2018, 2:27pm

Welcome to Libra season, Virgo! As the sun shines in this charming air sign, your focus shifts to issues around cash, security, and self-worth. Managing these issues becomes an important theme early this month as your ruling planet Mercury squares off with Pluto on October 2, challenging you to figure out how having fun, going on dates, and buying art supplies fits into your budget. Watch out for jealousy, and definitely be mindful of power struggles and manipulative behavior; Pluto is the planet of the underworld, and when it clashes with trickster Mercury, it’s important to get things in writing and read the fine print—be savvy! A new moon in Libra arrives on October 8, starting a new cycle around money, but on an emotional level, concerning self-worth—if you’re in the mood to cast a spell, this is a wonderful time to work some magic to draw money in.


Venus begins its retrograde in Scorpio on October 5, which is going to have a huge impact in your life, especially around communication, as your values around this theme will evolve and adjustments will need to be made. Expect to run into people from the past. Conversations that have been taking place since September 3, when Venus entered its pre-retrograde shadow period, will intensify. Sweet Venus wants us all to get along, but in Scorpio, Venus has a special edge—a special stinger, to be more precise. Have you been wondering how someone really feels? This retrograde will show you all you need to know, and you're likely to get some things off your chest, too.

Venus in Scorpio is naughty—not the typical sweet, polite energy we usually associate with Venus. Venus in Scorpio loathes small talk and instead wants the raw truth; to get deep. Think back to autumn 2010—this was the last time Venus was retrograde in Scorpio, and similar issues will come up for you to work with. Communication issues, especially around Venusian themes like love, money, and beauty, intensify as your ruling planet Mercury enters Scorpio on October 9. Watch out for surprising news as Mercury opposes Uranus on October 10. Venus will also clash with Mars, so lots of talk is taking place this retrograde, and on October 10, action will take place, too.

Other important dates to mark in your calendar concerning Venus retrograde include Mercury meeting Venus on October 15, when an important conversation arrives, and the sun meeting Venus on October 26, when a key realization about your heart’s desires will be made clear to you. Venus opposes Uranus and reenters Libra on October 31, making for an especially interesting Halloween—what you thought you wanted continues to surprise you! This month is seriously full of surprising conversations for you, and Halloween is definitely one of those days. Venus’s reentry into Libra will find you reflecting back on themes around value again—not just how much you have in your bank account (although that’s sure to come up), but also your sense of self-worth. Do you feel secure, Virgo? That’s the question Venus retrograde in Libra will ask you. Venus loves to flirt but it will be all business at this time, and if things aren’t working, there won’t be any playful glances—Venus is done with everyone’s shit!

Your ruling planet Mercury connects with Saturn on October 12, creating a helpful, supportive energy, and allowing responsible vibes to flow in your love life and creative life. Mercury connects with Neptune on October 19, letting imagination flow and encouraging empathetic communication between you and your partners. Mercury clashes with Mars on October 19, creating an argumentative atmosphere, but this could also be an awesomely energizing time to tackle paperwork! Mercury connects with Pluto on October 22, bringing intriguing information your way.

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Scorpio season begins on October 23, and surprises arise as the sun also opposes Uranus—a shocking piece of information may come your way! A climax around a conversation that has been brewing is sure to take place soon, as the full moon in fellow earth sign Taurus arrives on October 24. Full moons are highly emotional, but they also bring an opportunity to let go of the past. This full moon in particular may bring an opportunity to travel, learn, or even publish something. The spiritual lesson of this full moon? To have faith…or to at least explore it! Perhaps the things you thought you believed in don't really align with your values or your understanding of life or the world anymore, but that’s okay, because it’s natural for us to evolve as we grow.

Mercury meets the planet of expansion, Jupiter, on October 29, bringing big conversations, bright ideas, and likely some paperwork. Watch out for exaggerations, but do enjoy the optimistic energy in the air, as lucky planet Jupiter encourages people to think big, and while it's in Scorpio, to chase their deepest desires. Mercury enters Sagittarius on October 31, creating a shift in energy, finding you focused on your home and family life, thinking about the past, and talking about your future—especially in regards to your living situation, and on a more emotional level, your sense of safety, privacy, and boundaries. Mercury in Sagittarius has a big mouth, but all Virgos need is a quiet place to retreat! Good luck this month and see you in November, dear Virgo!