Brexit has been an utter disaster. Just ask these Brits.

"It's been shambolic," one person said.
March 29, 2019, 5:03pm

Even with Prime Minister Theresa May’s offer to resign if her deal passed, Parliament refused to approve it Friday — for the third time.

Since the initial Brexit referendum passed two and a half years ago, Parliament has voted down all of May’s deals, a plan to exit the EU without a deal, and a second referendum. That’s left Britain with very few options.

VICE News spoke with Brits who voted to remain during the first referendum about how they feel the U.K. government, especially May, has handled the Brexit process.


“It just seems really, really worrying that these people, who are meant to represent us, prepare to, sort of, take us to this dangerous precipice,” James Uttley, 32, told VICE News.

“In a way, I feel bad for Theresa May because she inherited a mess. She inherited something that she didn’t want," Pete Mitchell, 40 said.

May went back to Brussels before the March 29 deadline in hopes of receiving an extension to Article 50, the portion of the Treaty on European Union that allows member states to leave. But member states are far from pleased with how Brexit has unfolded and were reluctant to give the U.K. more time. Officials opted to let the U.K. crash out instead.

Luckily for Britain, the EU granted a brief extension to May 22. But if the U.K. government cannot agree on a withdrawal agreement or negotiate another extension by April 12, Britain will run the risk of being forced out of the EU without a deal in place.

“These people are running our country, and they don’t actually know what they are doing,” Kirsty Knight, 24, said.

“We are on the brink of a cliff edge exit, and that suits nobody,” Ashish Prashar, 35, added.

With almost no progress being made on the controversial departure, Britons on both sides of the Brexit debate have taken to the streets to protest the government. They’re calling for not only a second referendum but a general election.

Video edited by Danny Card.