Watch VICE New Zealand's Best Documentaries

Here are some of the best documentaries we've made.
March 28, 2019, 11:56pm
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Deportees of Tonga: Gangsters in Paradise

VICE New Zealand travelled to Tonga to tell the stories of those Tongans who had been deported back to their homeland after serving prison sentences in the developed nations to which they had migrated. We uncovered stories of social dislocation, hope, and the struggle to fit in in a place both home and not.

Women in the House
New Zealand was the first country to grant women full suffrage. 125 years after that, VICE embedded with three women from across the political spectrum—Golriz Ghahraman, Paula Bennett, Louisa Wall—to examine what democratic representation actually means, and why we need to bring all voices to the table.

Inside Sex Work in New Zealand
When New Zealand’s Prostitution Reform Act fully legalised sex work in 2003, it was a world-leading piece of legislation. Over 15 years after that legislation passed, we looked into the conditions for NZ’s sex workers. From freezing Christchurch streets to upmarket brothels, New Zealand’s sex workers gave us a glimpse into their lives, as VICE examines what it’s like to work across all levels of the sex industry and the ongoing fight to do the job free from prejudice.

Inside New Zealand’s Female Fight Scene
We got up close and personal with the top echelon of Aotearoa’s female fighting talent. We examine their motivations and challenges, and reveal the raw truth of exactly what it takes to get in the ring: the physical toll it takes on the body, the mental toll it takes on the mind.

Alien Weaponry: Thrash Metal and Te Reo Māori
The boys from Waipu are international news now, and in this intimate portrait VICE followed Alien Weaponry at home, at school, at work, and on stage, as we got a glimpse of the workings of a band on the rise, and their dedication to the resurgence of Te Reo Māori as it struggles for survival.

Lost Boys of Taranaki
VICE meets a group of 14 and 15-year-olds growing up among poverty, gangs, and boredom under the shadow of Mt Taranaki. Already caught up in New Zealand's criminal justice system, they are taking part in an early intervention course to help them change direction.

Syn City: New Zealand’s Deadly Synthetic Drugs Epidemic
As synthetic cannabinoids ravaged New Zealand’s most vulnerable communities, VICE embedded with West Auckland addicts and those suffering in the aftermath of addiction—the death of friends, incarceration, poverty. We investigated how the drug makes its way into the country, the mess it makes of lives, and how authorities are trying to deal with the worst of its effects.

The Last Man of Mahana
In a Coromandel commune that the 1970s left in its wake, as the idealism that birthed it has retreated, VICE met Arthur, one of the remaining members of Mahana, to learn about his reclusive life, his battles with other residents, and his hopes of seeing the valley returned to its past glory.

New Zealand’s Underground Vogue Scene
For a growing community of young LGBTQ Māori and Pacific Islanders in Auckland, the vogue scene is a place of expression and sanctuary. In this first episode of our new Zealandia series, VICE meets some of the scene's breakout stars to understand how their personal journeys intersected with a dance movement that originated in 1980s Harlem.