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Watch Alex Ovechkin Take a Break from Hockey to Ride Dolphins in Cuba

The Washington Capitals star skipped the All-Star Game and found the best way to enjoy his team's bye week.
Alex Ovechkin playing with dolphins in Cuba.

After last summer's spectacular Stanley Cup bender, which extended from the United States to his hometown Russia, it was hard not to wonder what Alex Ovechkin was getting up to during the NHL's recent All-Star Weekend.

The fan-voted captain of for the Metropolitan Division's squad decided to take a mandated one-game suspension rather than attend this year's festivities in San Jose. As a dude who clearly went full throttle in a much-publicized end-of-season rip after the Capitals captured their first championship, you had to know Ovi wasn't going to be spending his entire extended mid-campaign vacation—which included the Capitals' bye week following the ASG—sipping optimized electrolyte water and recovering in a cryo chamber for the stretch run.


If you guessed that Ovi instead went swimming with dolphins in Cuba, you would be correct.

Opinions are surely divided on the morality of this type of animal-riding activity—something to be debated another day—but honestly this shit looks fun as hell. If it's between hanging out in a stuffy locker room with a bunch of sweaty dudes and their annoying kids while having to put up interview after interview for three days straight, or ripping around paradise on the back of one of the dopest animals out there, well, the choice is obvious.

Anyone concerned with how Ovi is going to come out of the gate after this one, don't be. After an insane offseason of partying with the Cup, Ovechkin somehow entered training camp in phenomenal shape and is on pace to post one of the best offensive seasons ever at the age of 33.

He currently leads the NHL with 37 goals and could very well find himself holding the Rocket Richard trophy for the eighth time in his decorated career.

Ovechkin seems to be on to something with this vodka-and-ocean diet. Time to give it a try.