Mac DeMarco and His Band Ripped The Soul From Radiohead and RHCP at Lollapalooza

Take a look at these videos in which they perform karaoke classics "High and Dry" and "Under The Bridge" to a huge festival crowd.
Photo by Brad Barket/WireImage 

Covering a song by Radiohead is a mammoth task. A lot of their fans are grown-babies who will come at you on every social media network possible if you throw even the slightest shade in their direction (trust us, I have the receipts). Still, despite this, a few people have gone ahead and run the gauntlet: ranging from the good (Regina Spektor, Frank Ocean) to the bad (Robbie Wiliams doing "Creep" at the cabaret), to this – a cover of "High and Dry" by Mac DeMarco and his band from Chile's Lollapalooza festival, which took place a few weekends ago in March (watch below).


Obviously press play above and make your own opinion on how you feel. IMO however, for what it is worth, this is the dream of every vocally-tainted karaoke superstar. You'll see why above. Elsewhere the band performed another sing-a-long classic, the ever immortally brilliant song about doing drugs under a bridge, the song "Under The Bridge", by quintessential LA band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Watch that below.