Burial and The Bug's New Track "Shrine" Sounds Like Coming Home at 7 AM

It's an atmospheric ode to the grey reality of the first bus back.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
March 22, 2018, 11:09am
Left by Fabrice Bourgelle / right via Hyperdub

Just over a week ago, Burial and The Bug announced that they'd be releasing a two-track EP under the collaborative moniker Flame 1, as part of the launch of Kevin Martin's new record label Pressure. Along with that announcement came the first of the songs, "Fog," and today, we're hearing the second, "Shrine," which completes the AA side release.

In keeping with "Fog," "Shrine" is a track which feels compelled by forward motion thanks to its choppy percussion, but not necessarily by speed. It's the sound of bleariness and mild paranoia, with smoky synths that capture the essence of your headspace when you find yourself coming home on public transport on the first bus home, your forehead knocking against the window unceremoniously, making the dull ache in your temples sharpen for a second. If it were a colour, it'd be grey—the color of cloudiness and, usually, of reality. In that, however, there's beauty: whenever someone is able to encapsulate a mood this fully with music, its universality feels cemented, and that's a special thing.

Hear "Shrine" here via Crack magazine.

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