Braves Probably Shouldn't Have Played "Rock You Like a Hurricane" Last Night

As Florida braces for the impact of Hurricane Irma, the Braves played the Scorpions song during a game against the Miami Marlins.
September 8, 2017, 7:34pm
Jason Getz—USA TODAY Sports

Don't get me wrong, "Rock You Like a Hurricane," the 1984 mega hit by the German band Scorpions may be the seminal butt rock jock jam, but it has its proper time and place. Say, like, any other time besides when playing a baseball team from a city that is likely about to get devastated by a historically gigantic hurricane.

Last night, during the Braves vs. Marlins game in Atlanta—as Irma continued its unprecedented windspeeds and maintained its Ohio-state-sized diameter, surging toward Miami—someone in the booth decided to keep "Rock You Like a Hurricane" on the playlist, and the choice was not, well, choice. According to Miami Herald Marlins beat writer Clark Spencer, the Braves lamented their decision to go with the pleather-clad band's anthemic single.

Before the game, however, as an act of good will, the Braves announced that all Florida residents and anyone under evacuation orders throughout Georgia and South Carolina would receive free tickets for the rest of the Braves-Marlins four-game series, per the New York Post.

The Braves went on to win last night's game 6-5. Maybe they should go with "I Feel Like Making Love" by Bad Company for tonight's game instead. Nothing wrong with that.