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A Dog Dug Up $85,000 of Black Tar Heroin in His Backyard

Police named him an honorary narcotics K9 after the find, which is the closest you can get to the official designation of Very, Very Good Boy.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Foto: Yamhill County Sheriff's Department / Facebook

There are all kinds of Good Boys in this world. Some discover how doors work and mount daring escapes from the vet, and others dress up like aliens and octopi for dog Halloween, which—while certainly Good—isn't all that impressive. But the latest young pup to be crowned a Very Good Boy really worked his tail off for the honor, making his backyard safer in the process.

According to ABC affiliate KATU, a golden retriever named Kenyon started digging a regular dog hole in his backyard earlier this month. After days of scraping through the grass and dirt, the 18-month-old unearthed a mysterious package. His owners figured he'd stumbled across a time capsule or something, and decided to film the grand unveiling.

To his owners' surprise—likely caught on a legendary home video—the parcel Kenyon dug up wasn't a buried treasure trove of gold coins or another box of strange notes from famed author Chuck Palahniuk. Kenyon had discovered $85,000 worth of black tar heroin buried underground, hidden in his own backyard.

After the homeowners notified the authorities, the cops identified the murky substance as more than 15 ounces of the highly addictive drug. The police were understandably proud of Kenyon, though, and rewarded him with a Yamhill County K9 citation ribbon. He's also been named an honorary narcotics K9 for life—the closest you can get to the official designation of Very, Very Good Boy.

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