Beck's "Up All Night" Is a Jam and That's Really All There Is to It

Also, watch the song's video, starring an armoured party-crasher who transforms into a car.

Beck's upcoming album Colors looks to be the alt-rock veteran's friendliest release in a bit if the previous singles are anything to go by. New track "Up All Night" (previously released on the FIFA '17 soundtrack of all things) is the most buoyant yet, a funk-pop jam that would be right at home on any pop superstar's latest album.

The accompanying video takes things to a weirder level. A young lady wearing full medieval armour does a lot of cool fighting moves in a party to rescue a dude before transforming into a car (maybe). It could be an homage to the anime film Adolescence of Utena, wherein the main character goes from swordswoman to automobile for no apparent reason near the end. This video is probably not that, but you can watch it above anyways and shake your butt while you're at it.

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