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Activists Are Risking Their Lives to Stop Pipelines

From Appalachia to Louisiana, activists have been putting themselves in the path of bulldozers.
The Kentucky-based Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline
Image: Margo Wright/US Military

While the Dakota Access Pipeline has mostly dominated the headlines, there are many battles being waged across the country to stop gas pipelines from threatening clean drinking water and land. Appalachian communities are seeing multiple projects, like the Mountain Valley Pipeline and Atlantic Coast Pipeline, crop up. And all of them could severely and permanently threaten fragile ecosystems.

Activists have made it their mission to try and stop these lucrative projects, joining a nationwide grassroots resistance. Some of them, like Lauren Bowman and an activist who goes by "Nettle," are performing tree-sits, in which they inhabit trees that are meant to be cleared for construction.

We talked to Madeline ffitch, writer and resident of an impacted area, about this fight.

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