Yes, Lil Wayne Is Stoked That 'Tha Carter V' Is Finally Out

On last night's 'Fallon,' Weezy played "Dedicate" with The Roots, chatted about his long-awaited new record, and briefly lost his shit when Fallon started talking about its features.
October 3, 2018, 11:40am

Lil Wayne rolled through The Tonight Show yesterday to perform "Dedicate" and talk to Jimmy Fallon about Tha Carter V. It was all very light-hearted and breezy, even when Fallon asked a couple of vague questions about the long and obstacle-strewn road to the record's release. "It was, you know, business," Weezy said of the bizarre circumstances that held the record back. "Kinda over my head at times." Pushed a little further by Fallon, Wayne explained calmly:


I'm so into what I'm doing every day, my craft, that when i have to go too far into something else, I put somebody else in charge of it. When there's somebody else in charge of it that messes up, everything blows up. And that's how everything blew up. We just needed the debris to clear.

He was, he said, too busy raising four kids, recording music, and skating to get frustrated with all the hold-ups. No big deal.

But then, towards the end of their brief interview, Fallon went into late-night plug mode, holding up a copy of CV and talking about the features that pepper its 23 songs. Weezy couldn't contain himself:

Next time you get bummed out by forces beyond your control holding up something you care about, remember this four-second gif, and think about how goddamned stoked Lil Wayne is right now.

"Dedicate" sounded pretty good with The Roots on backup too.

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