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Justin Trudeau on Indigenous Issues in Canada: The VICE News Interview

VICE News spoke to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his historic visit to an isolated First Nations community.

Dozens of isolated indigenous communities in Canada have recently declared states of emergency due to suicide epidemics, unclean water, and a lack of adequate infrastructure.

Amid these crises, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a historic visit last week to Shoal Lake 40, an isolated First Nations reserve that has been without clean water for two decades. It is extremely rare for sitting prime ministers to visit reserves, and the trip, organized with the local chief and council of Shoal Lake 40 in coordination with VICE and the office of the prime minister, will be part of an upcoming VICELAND documentary on the issues plaguing indigenous communities.

Trudeau spent several hours with the residents of Shoal Lake 40 before speaking to VICE News about the government's complex relationship with First Nations, and what his new Liberal government says it will do to help solve the many problems the communities face.

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