Ryan Hemsworth Returns with Blissful, E-40-Featuring Banger "Hunnid"

Of course it's a Worldstar exclusive.
July 28, 2017, 4:05pm

Ryan Hemsworth approaches rap beats like custom Lego playsets, jamming together parts that are kinda weird and gawky when first looked at but work nonetheless and, importantly, fun to play with. He's been doing production for various left-field rappers like Adamn Killa and for street kings like Hoodrich Pablo Juan for the past few years but his new song "Hunnid" marks a new milestone, that of working with a hip-hop legend like E-40.


Of course, it's Yakki's joyous hook that drives the song, perfect for a club or car shout-alongs. Along with Hemsworth's JRPG cutscene score of a beat, "Hunnid" is a euphoric soundtrack to winning and getting paid both financially and spiritually. That, or managing to finally put enough talent points into that mage spell you were working towards. Either way, watch the "Hunnid" video above.