The VICE Morning Bulletin
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The VICE Morning Bulletin

'Skinny' Obamacare repeal fails in Senate, Scaramucci delivers vulgar tirade on Priebus and Bannon, House approves $1.6 billion for border wall, and more.
July 28, 2017, 1:51pm

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US News

'Skinny' Repeal of Obamacare Fails in Senate
The latest attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed in dramatic fashion in the early hours of Friday morning, with a bill that repealed a few key elements of the ACA being defeated 51–49 in the Senate. Three Republican lawmakers—John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins—joined all 48 Democrats in voting against a bill that would have scrapped rules mandating individuals buy health insurance and employers provide it. McCain's was the most surprising vote; the Arizona Republican had just returned to Congress after being diagnosed with brain cancer and was unswayed by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.—CNN

House Approves $1.6 Billion for Border Wall
The House of Representatives has approved a spending bill that includes a $1.6 billion commitment to begin building a wall along the southern US border, one of Trump's most touted campaign promises. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Trump was going to get "every single dime" he asked for so that construction on the border wall could begin. The $788 billion spending bill also includes a 2.4 percent pay increase for the US military. The bill is expected to face stiff opposition in the Senate. —AP

Scaramucci Delivers Vulgar Tirade Against Priebus and Bannon
In a bizarre phone call with Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker, White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci vilified White House chief-of-staff Reince Priebus, calling him "a fucking paranoid schizophrenic." He also accused Steve Bannon of trying to "build a brand" off the president. "I'm not Steve Bannon, I'm not trying to suck my own cock," he said.—The New Yorker

Sessions Says He's 'Hurt' by Trump's Verbal Attacks
Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he had found President Trump's public reprimands over the past week "kind of hurtful." Sessions said in an interview with FOX News' Tucker Carlson that he intended to continue in his role despite speculation that he would be asked to resign, but also conceded: "If [Trump] wants to make a change, he can certainly do so and I would be glad to yield in that circumstance."—NBC News

International News

Russia Announces Diplomatic Retaliation Against US
Russia's foreign ministry has announced a series of retaliatory diplomatic measures it will take against the US in response to the latest sanctions approved by Congress. It has ordered the US embassy in Moscow to downsize staff numbers to 455 by September 1 and will seize two sites used by American diplomats. The sanctions bills passed the House and Senate with widespread bipartisan support but have yet to be signed by Trump.—The New York Times

Pakistan Supreme Court Forces Prime Minister from Office
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has stepped down after Pakistan's supreme court ruled he was no longer eligible to hold political office. A panel of five judges decided he could no longer serve in parliament as a result of the alleged financial corruption revealed by the release of the so-called Panama Papers in 2015.—BBC News

Iran Tests Rocket Capable of Carrying Satellite
Iran has claimed that it launched a rocket capable of putting a satellite into orbit. According to state television, the Simorgh rocket was launched at the Imam Khomeini National Space Station east of the capital Tehran and could theoretically carry a 550-pound satellite. The US State Department said the rocket test was "provocative."—AP

At Least 50 Killed in Boko Haram Attack in Nigeria
At least 50 people were killed Tuesday when Boko Haram militants attacked a team of researchers working for a Nigerian state oil company in the country's northeast. At least four university staffers on the team were killed.—Deutsche Welle

Everything Else

Bezos Returns to Being the Planet's Second Richest Person
A spike in Amazon's share price Thursday briefly made founder and CEO Jeff Bezos the richest person on the planet, based on a nominal net worth of over $90 billion. But a slight fall before the end of the day put Microsoft mogul Bill Gates back on top.—VICE News

Katy Perry Announced as Host of MTV VMAs
Katy Perry has revealed she will host this year's MTV Video Music Awards at the Forum in California. Perry, nominated for five awards, was seen dressed as an astronaut in a promo video she shared on Twitter.—Billboard

Cartoon Trump from 'Colbert' Gets Showtime Series
Stephen Colbert executive producing a new animated series about the Trump administration. The ten-episode Showtime comedy will revolve around the cartoon Trump from The Late Show and his White House workplace.—Variety

Arcade Fire Drop New Album
Arcade Fire released its fifth studio album, Everything Now, on download and streaming services. Produced by Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk and Steve Mackey of Pulp, the 13-song LP is the Canadian group's first album since 2013.—Consequence of Sound

Mick Jagger Gets Political on Skepta Collaboration
Mick Jagger has released new track "England Lost," a collaboration with British grime artist Skepta. It features the Rolling Stones singer mourning England's loss in a soccer match and pondering the political future of his homeland.—Noisey

Businesses Could Buy Rights to Name New York Subway Stations
New York governor Andrew Cuomo is reportedly considering a plan to get businesses to sponsor local subway stations. The chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said it was "very possible" sponsorship could entail the right to name a station.—VICE