New Punk Comp "Horrendous New Wave" Is Actually Quite Brilliant

An air of intrigue surrounds the 16-track album from the minds of some "celebrated cretins".
July 15, 2017, 10:52pm

Ever heard of Sexual Christians, Alien Nose Job or Psychotic Disney Orchestra? Me neither. But these are just some of the acts that are included on Horrendous New Wave, a compilation that according to the notes, celebrates, "16 no name new wave bands from the minds of many celebrated cretins across America and beyond."

Released on Fish records, a sub label of Lumpy that is run by Martin Meyer of Lumpy and the Dumpers and BB Eye, the comp presents tracks from the likes of Ausmuteants' Jake Robertson, Cody Phifer of HairLong n Freeky and Nosferatu, and Rik of Rik and the Pigs and Mongoloid fame. To be honest I'm not sure if these acts even exist outside of their appearance on the comp and an air of mystery surrounds who plays what. But the anonymity/lack of information only adds to the intrigue to an act like Knob Noster Band's track "Butthole Flag On Parade."

Though the comp has sold out you can listen to a couple of tracks from Western Civ and Shux below.

For more info on 'Horrendous New Wave' check Lumpy Records.