Neon Wildlife Roams Free Within this Interactive Jungle Office

Total office goals.
July 9, 2017, 11:40am
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Stomping across lush shrubbery and glowing neon environments, a herd of animals populates an immersive digital wall installation designed by teamLab for the Tokyo gaming company The famed art collective enchants visitors with their latest project described as "an office where animals live" and floods a dark space with natural plant life and tiny pointillist lights which form a menagerie of wildlife. From a lanky ostrich to a slow-moving hippopotamus, the art space is a thrilling departure from the typical confines of an office. Visitors to the immersive space can walk through a shower of flowing, computer-designed water when they enter. With ambient bird chirps streaming throughout, the collective's exhibit is an instant crowd-pleaser with its colorful digital designs and authentic botanical species, teamLab once again brings technology and the natural world into one space.


See a details here and watch a complete video of the art piece below:

See more work from teamLab on their website and Youtube page here.


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