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Watch This Absurd Animation Where a Little Man Climbs a Mountain to Avoid Taxes

Happy-go-lucky Steve has no job and no cares, besides waiting for his mail.
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A tiny man named Steve waits patiently for his mail, anticipating a letter about delaying his taxes, before launching himself to a top of a mountain range. Sound like a typical day? It is inside the brain of absurdist Youtuber and beloved internet maker, Bill Wurtz. Here he delivers another short, succinct video filled with curious life events for his protagonist, Steve, that combine a little a fantasy and a little mockery. The short, called hi, I'm steve, is another example of Wurtz's pared down aesthetic with the help of sans serif script and bold, neon-on-black colors. Watch each entertaining bit in the video below:


To watch more videos from Bill Wurtz, visit his Youtube channel, here.


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