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Playful Death’s New Track is a Dystopian Rave in Black and White

The Dionysian Mysteries co-head’s “Berliner Muertos” features on his label's forthcoming compilation, out July 28.
Photo by David Güntsch

Greek mythological figure Dionysus was known as the god of wine and ecstasy, both of which ran aplenty in the fabled music-filled, altered state ceremonies known as the Dionysian Mysteries. Since 2013, San Francisco/Berlin-based collective Dionysian Mysteries have also been creating their own brand of dance music bacchanalia, initially as a Miami event promoter, before expanding as a record label last year.


On July 28, they're releasing their latest EP, a five-track compilation titled Nightshade (the same name as their blog and mix series). Focusing on techno and EBM, it features tracks by YXAN (Swedish artist Michael Idehall's techno alias), Necropants, Culto Verona boss Bellatrix?, and label co-founder Playful Death.

The latter offers his dark version of ecstasy and wild frenzy on "Berliner Muertos," which sounds like a dystopian rave captured in black and white. The sci-fi number could cut a club in two with its scythe-like synth swipes, further flattening with its fat kick drum, and looming, ominous sounds. As Playful Death tells THUMP over email, the track was inspired by the imagery of Biomega, a cyber-punk manga created by Japanese artist Tsutomu Nihei, and dystopian landscapes.

Listen to it below, and pre-order Nightshade here.