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McDonald’s Just Released a Pikachu-Flavoured McFlurry

The dessert will be available in Japanese stores this week, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise.
Photo courtesy McDonald's. 

Many restaurants sought to cash in on the fleeting Pokémon GO phase of 2016. Some turned their eateries into locations for users of the augmented reality game to entrap a Diglett or Onix, while others offered discounts to those who caught Pokémon on their property. Even noma wasn't safe from diners distractedly checking their phones for nearby Mewtwos.

Much to the relief of restaurant owners, the world has since moved on from its Poké-obsession, but it seems that McDonald's Japan isn't ready to let go just yet. At the height of Pokémon GO fever last July, the fast food giant announced that it would be teaming up with Niantic, developers of the game, to attract more players to its restaurants. Every McDonald's in the country was to be turned into a Pokéstop or gym and free Pokémon toys would be given away in Happy Meals.


And now, a year after Pokémon GO's initial release, McDonald's Japan will be debuting a Pokémon-themed McFlurry.

News of the gaming-dessert crossover broke last week when the restaurant chain posted a poll on its website and social media channels. Customers were invited to choose between six possible flavours: Jigglypuff, made with white peach; Squirtle, which tastes like the Japanese lemon drink Ramune; a chocolate and banana Pikachu; Gengar with ube, a Japanese root vegetable; a habanero-infused Charmander; or a broccoli Bulbasaur.

This could be the one instance in which you really don't want to catch them all.

McDonald's announced the winner on Twitter yesterday. Unsurprisingly, given the signature Pokémon's popularity and the universally liked combination of chocolate and banana, Pikachu was crowned the winner. The limited edition McFlurry will be available in Japanese McDonald's later this week, coinciding with the lead up to Pokémon's 20-year anniversary.

We'll stick with the Galaxy McFlurry, thanks.