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This Game Has It All: Ghosts, Swimming Pools, Ghosts in Swimming Pools

'Super Pools n’ Ghosts' invites you to participate in that fine summer activity: talking to ghosts at a pool.
All images courtesy Sunless

Super Pools n' Ghosts, by Sunless, an artist and designer whose work you've seen grace this site (disclaimer alert!), is a chill, gently absurd experience. In it, you play as a young lady at a community pool, a very haunted community pool, and you… talk to the ghosts around you.

By way of a spoiler alert (this is a short game, so if you play it at all, you'll see this), you actually become a ghost yourself if you actually try to swim. But it's not horrible, it's just a matter-of-fact sort of thing: you lived, you died, now you can… still talk to the other ghosts in your same situation.

It's a short, sweet, meditation on the absurdities of life and even, maybe, finding community where it lives. Or dies. Undies.

There is also a toggle for Hamburger Mode, which, I'll let you guess what that does.

You can download the game for free on its page.