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Watch Washed Out's Visual Album 'The Mister Mellow Show'

It comes a day ahead of the official release of the album, 'Mister Mellow,' and stars Kyle Mooney from SNL.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Denizen of chillwave Washed Out has returned in a blaze of slightly-more-uptempo-than-usual glory over the past few months, and this week marks the culmination of that return. Tomorrow marks the release of his first album since 2013's Paracosm, Mister Mellow, and from the two tracks we've heard so far—"Get Lost" and "Hard to Say Goodbye"—the album seems like it'll slide nicely into the "lounge music, but cool" genre (entirely a good thing).


Ahead of the record's proper release, however, please enjoy its visual component, The Mister Mellow Show, hosted by SNL's Kyle Mooney. It's just as weird and wacky as you might imagine, and features some trippy animation, as well as Mooney doing what he does best—conducting bizarre as fuck interviews in character. Watch above, and get excited for the full release tomorrow.

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