Sagittarius, July 2017


This story is over 5 years old.


Sagittarius, July 2017

Expect some powerful transformations this month, Sag!

Welcome to Cancer season, Sagittarius! The atmosphere is moody and complication early on, but don't worry. The Sun will enter Fire sign Leo later, bringing good vibes.

Warrior planet Mars opposes the lord of the underworld, Pluto, on July 2, which will bring serious frustrations—about money or about your self-esteem. The mood is angry, aggressive. People are in the mood to pick fights, and endings are likely.


I don't want you to hide from the world, Sagittarius. Instead, I want you to seek a trusted friend or counselor who can step in and help you sort out your issues. There's no reason to be alone.

Another day to watch for is July 10, when the Sun also opposes Pluto, which will stir up control issues. People want what's yours. Don't let someone pressure you into giving away something that's valuable to you.

If someone picks a fight with you because you won't lend them your car, or because you can't afford to cover their tab at the bar, realize that, yes, the astrological weather is shitty, but that, truly, you are one of the most generous signs in the zodiac. If someone is going to flip out because you can't "be there" for them just this once, that's a sure sign they don't need to be in your life.

But July's not all bad! Venus enters Air sign Gemini on July 4, bringing blessings to your relationships. Connect with others; meet new people. People will be easy to get along with—in fact, if you've been having a hard time getting along with someone, Venus in Gemini could help you two talk things out and enjoy each other again!

Communication planet Mercury enters fellow Fire sign Leo on July 5, bringing you news from faraway places. This is a wonderful time to travel and see the world. Go learn about new people and places. If hopping on a plane isn't accessible, visit a museum with friends, or a cool spot nearby you don't go to often. If it is, then plan a trip!


The Sun, in Cancer, squares (a tense astrological aspect) your planetary ruler, Jupiter, in Libra, on July 5, stirring up drama in your social life, but potentially bringing some fun too. The energy is over the top. There's excitement, but it's important to behave responsibly (something that doesn't exactly come naturally to you, Sagittarius).

This is a time for networking, so watch out for who you meet. You have a giant mouth, Sagittarius, so my one warning is to avoid spilling secrets or personal information. The energy is social, but you could feel awkward if you leave a party wondering why you just told a stranger your life story.

The full moon in Capricorn arrives on July 8 (or 9, depending on your time zone). Capricorn is a hardworking Earth sign, and this full moon will be major for your finances as well as your sense of self-worth. Use this time to end negative self-talk, especially about your money habits or your self-worth; full moons are all about release.

Mercury connects with Jupiter on July 14, bringing news and a dash of luck. Communicate and socialize. If you're traveling, this will be an especially fortuitous day.

Venus makes a lovely connection with Jupiter on July 18, bringing a whirlwind of affection and enjoyment. Connect with friends and lovers, and celebrate the summer. If you've been wanting to do some shopping, this is a great time to go for it, because you'll have good luck finding things that are just your taste. You're feeling attractive, and are in a flirtatious mood, and no doubt, the vibe will be perfect for romance.


Mars enters Leo on July 20, followed by the Sun on July 22. What a spectacular time for you, Sagittarius! Cancer season has been rough, but things are looking up. Leo rules the heart (all signs rule a body part), and this period is all about reconnecting to what your heart desires: adventure, growth, discovery, and spiritual fulfillment.

The new moon in Leo arrives July 23, bringing you opportunities for growth and adventure. If you're traveling, expect it to be inspiring. If you're at home, you'll likely notice little adventures are making themselves visible: Perhaps the door to a secret garden will be revealed.

You're craving new perspective, and that's just what this new moon will bring. New moons push us to tap into our inner voices, so make time for meditation, Sag, and listen closely to what your inner guides are telling you.

This will also be an interesting new moon for communication, so watch for news to come your way. If you're thinking about going back to school, or are currently studying, this new moon in Leo will renew your passion. In general, Leo season is fantastic for spreading the word about your projects and ideas; if you're hoping to publish something, this is a great time.

Messenger planet Mercury enters Earth sign Virgo on July 25, bringing you news about your career or reputation. Use this time for professional networking, or for writing, or other communication-related projects. Or brag about your achievements! As much of a loudmouth as you are, you don't really brag, Sag, even though you do have plenty of things to be proud of.

Venus enters Cancer on July 31, illuminating the sex and intimacy sector of your chart. Get closer to your partners; explore your desires. Financially, this time will also be notable. Some cash could come your way. Exciting! See you in August, Sagittarius!