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ICYMI, Mac DeMarco Live Streamed 26 Minutes of New Music

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Living meme Mac DeMarco embraced the internet over the weekend, via the act of live-streaming 26 minutes of unheard music via his Instagram account. Featuring what are undoubtedly future hits, which heroic YouTube uploader McGby128 has called things like "So What, I Drink and Drive" and "Chunky Baby," you can hear the live-stream above. It's very chill.

It's also symptomatic of the fact that music gets released really fucking weirdly these days. There's every possibility that these tracks might end up on a Mac DeMarco album; but they might also disappear into the ether. Forgotten tracks used to be gold-dust for nerdy fans; now, because artists are always accessible, they're constantly sharing their processes – whether that's letting fans in on their successes, or the tracks that don't make it.

It's definitely cool, and it's one of the great things about Modern Technology, but sooner or later it's also going to force us to think about changing how we quantify the success of music. Like, who is going to be the first artist to release an entire album via Snapchat? And how will we chalk that up next to traditional charts? What even is music anymore? I don't know man, but hey, this new Mac DeMarco song might be called "Buh duduh babuhduh" which is good.

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