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Vera Is Forging His Own Path on His Breezy New Single

The Danish producer is gearing up for the release of his new EP in December.
Photo Provided by Vera

Wide Sargasso Sea is a novel by Caribbean writer Jean Rhys that details the life of a woman whose arranged marriage takes her from her home country to a terrifying new home. Tightly interwoven with Jane Eyre, the story is set in the aftermath of the abolition of slavery in the British Empire and follows the protagonist Antoinette from her childhood in Jamaica to the escape from the nightmare that is her move to England. Interestingly enough, it also happens to be the inspiration for Danish producer Vera’s first single from his Good Job – No Conversation EP, “Nobody Else.”


Hailing from Copenhagen, Vera has worked with some of Denmark’s biggest artists, most recently with MØ on her When I Was Young EP where he produced half the tracks. Now he’s looking to make his own path with his airy style that has lent so much to the work of others. “Nobody Else” feels exactly like waking up on a beach without a hangover and continuing to drink rum from last night before one sets in, and if the rest of the project has the same vibe then we should all be very excited.

According to Vera, “Nobody Else” came about from an impromptu session with a buddy he hadn’t seen in a while. “I met one of my oldest friends in a studio one day and I hadn’t heard what he had been working on for ages. He played me this beat and I fell in love immediately. I went on to do a few things on top of it and a few days later his band’s singer and I met with Off Bloom who helped us do the vocal-melodies. When I got home that day I played it to my girlfriend and she came up with the lyrics for the song.” “This way of working is the reason why I love producing and writing music. To involve a lot of the people you love and trust and make them do their best. I’m probably the one who made the least on this track - I just collected people’s ideas - it’s very beautiful I think.”

Good Job – No Conversation EP is out on December 8th. Listen to “Nobody Else” below: