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Kim Kardashian West's Party Prep Playlist Is... Actually Good?

Cher, Lil' Kim, SZA, and of course, Kanye all appear on her new Spotify playlist.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
Image via PR

In our quietest, most contemplative moments—perhaps when we wake from our sleep during the middle of the night, or during a lone, early morning walk—there are universal human questions that naturally come into our minds. Things like, 'What is the human purpose on Earth?' or 'How does dying feel?' or 'What does math even mean?' or 'What does Kim Kardashian West listen to during her glam sessions?' You know, deep stuff.


Most of these questions will unfortunately probably not be answered in our short lifetimes, but thankfully, today, one of them has been torn wide open. In support of her three new Crystal Gardenia fragrances, released today, Kim Kardashian West has 'shared' her Party Prep playlist (unsure what these things have to do with one another. Does it even matter? Does meaning even exist anymore?) via Spotify. Now, according to a statement, we will finally find out what is pouring into some of the wealthiest ears on the planet while seven people at once make her look incredible:

Interesting. I am just going to say it: it's… unclear as to whether Kim actually made this playlist. Does business mogul and walking brand Kim KW really have time to dick around on Spotify? Although I guess Ivanka Trump did, so who knows. Regardless, it is full of some of Kim's most noted favorite artists, including Cher, J-Lo, Lil Kim (who once rapped "Queen Bitch" on her Snapchat, #neverforget), and Michael Jackson, who she counted as a family friend. Obviously.

Elsewhere it's a mixture of up-to-the-minute R&B (Cardi B appears twice—Kim's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom!), throwbacks, and of course Kanye shows up at the beginning too. She does, however, show her lamestreamer side by including Katy Perry and Liam Payne (does she even read Noisey?), but alas, assistants cannot get everything right. Anyway, that's one of your Big Existential Questions answered—good day to you.

Lauren is kind of into this playlist? on Twitter.