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Boba Pizza Is Officially a Thing Thanks to Dominos and Pizza Hut

We don’t know whether to be excited or horrified.
boba pearl bubble tea pizza taiwan weird food
Left: Pizza Hut. Right: Dominos.

Bubble tea addiction is real. And the worldwide trend shows no signs of stopping. In fact, in Taiwan, where the drink originated, they now have boba pizza — to the dismay of all the Italian nonnas.

At least two pizza chains, Dominos and Pizza Hut, have come out with pies topped with tapioca pearls.

At Dominos, it costs NT$199 ($6.50) for a takeaway “Brown Sugar Boba Pizza,” which is a regular cheese pizza with black pearls, white mochi balls, and honey. At Pizza Hut, the “QQ Brown Sugar Pearl Big Pizza” is priced at NT$329 ($10.80).


In a tweet, user @lnachman32 posted a photo of a boba pizza, writing that he was going to try the “mythical Taiwan exclusive boba pizza from Domino's for dinner."

"Will report back on the situation later,” he said.

In a follow-up tweet, the user wrote: “Omg it's incredible. They nailed it. Not joking, everyone here needs to try this.”

“For all the haters, you should know it's almost gone,” he added.

Neither Dominos nor Pizza Hut invented the boba pizza. Smaller businesses in Taiwan have offered it in the past.

Conversion: NT$1 = $0.033

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