Call Your Brother A Potato In Liam Gallagher’s New Adidas Sneakers

The perfect footwear choice for sibling drama and not reuniting Oasis.
Chicago, US

Liam Gallagher is gearing up to release a new solo album Why Me? Why Not., which is out September 20. Normally, when the iconic English rocker has new material coming out, he typically drums up headlines by reigniting his longstanding feud with his brother and former Oasis bandmate Noel Gallagher. And while that's definitely happened on this album cycle so far, Gallagher is also promoting the new LP with an admittedly pretty spiffy new custom sneaker from Adidas.

The LG Adidas Spezial will be available to order via Adidas' online store on Friday, August 30. The shoes were announced through a video posted Thursday to Liam Gallagher's Instagram. In the video, Gary Aspden, who designed the Spezial line, drops off a pair to Gallagher for the first time. It's a beautiful clip, solely for the fact that the former Oasis co-frontman is practically giddy from the sneakers, which also boast his likeness on the shoe's tongue. He exclaims, "That is fuckin’ bad, man." Later, he even yells that he's the: "Best looking motherfucker on the planet [with the] best looking trainer on the planet.” Watch the whole thing below.