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Weekly Horoscope: August 12 - 18

This week’s sweet planetary energy builds up to a full moon in Aquarius.

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The astrology of this week clearly shows what we stand for and how we want to use our ideas to shape the world. Leo season is about the power of the individual, and the full moon in Aquarius echoes how our strong individuality can shed light on our collective network. There is beauty in being ourselves, and comfort in the crowd. You’re not beautiful like them, you’re beautiful like you. And your beauty? They simply love to see it!


There’s a clarity to our desires and values on Wednesday August 14, as the sun meets Venus, the planet of aesthetics, at 2:07 AM. Seek beauty in its entirety. Find pleasure and joy, two things that are important to realize and celebrate when they happen.

The cheery, saccharine planetary energy of this week and last week builds up to a full moon in Aquarius on Thursday August 15, at 8:29 AM. This full moon requests that we balance our need to stand out from the crowd and our identity within it. It’s a great time to feel a closeness to a mass of people, and feel supported by this vast network.

The day of the full moon is also the day that Mercury retrograde finally clears its shadow! So all of the mess and confusion from Mercury retrograde finally flushes out, coincidentally, at the same time of this emotionally energetic crescendo. It’s been a journey!

More Aquarius vibes abound as Mercury, the planet of communication, clashes with Aquarius’s modern planetary ruler Uranus, the rebellious black sheep of the zodiac and planet of the unexpected, at 1:06 PM on Friday August 16. Shameless ideas are formed based on our most unconventional mad-scientist manifestos. We can make assumptions based on a hunch. Create a social sculpture this weekend, with awareness of the people you’re bringing together in a space.

Action planet Mars leaves Leo for detail-oriented Virgo on Sunday August 18, at 1:19 AM. While Mars is in Virgo, a sign of service to others, we have energy to do more for other people. While Leo season at large finds us doing things for ourselves and our own hero’s journey, it’s also self-help to help others. When it’s hard to celebrate yourself, or when you’re too focused on your own problems, helping other people is a self esteem-building distraction that also serves a greater good.


All times ET.


Leo (July 22 - August 23)

Finding your look and aesthetic depends on what makes you feel best. Sure, you can be inspired by other people, but it is important that you know what becomes you. On Monday morning, the sun meets with sweet Venus, giving you the gift of authentic beauty. The following day there is a full moon in Aquarius, putting your relationships into perspective. Now that you’ve got yourself all figured out, you know how to provide for your adoring fans and partners. Just like a full moon reflects the sun’s light, your partnerships reflect the life and energy that you put into them. Use the clarity of the full moon to evaluate what you need from others. As messenger Mercury clashes with Uranus, you can carve the intellectual space to make it happen.


Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Accept that which cannot be seen as the sun meets with sweet Venus on Wednesday. There is an attraction to the unknown, and an acceptance of the things that you can’t control. Mysterious love affairs and hidden desires seem more inviting, or at least you understand why you’re attracted to them! For a moment, as the sun meets Venus, the things that you are not certain about or fearful of seem to be less daunting as there is an acceptance of the position you’re in. You have more energy to exert your will beginning Sunday, as action planet Mars enters Virgo. The coming weeks are a time of great physical strength and endurance, helping you power through whatever is left of your Leo season shadows.


Libra (September 22 - October 23)

There have been so many people to see this Leo season! On Wednesday the sun meets your sweet planetary ruler Venus, inspiring a delightful and charming atmosphere. Figure out which events or people to prioritize. Of course, it’s good to have so many invitations coming your way, but it can also be overwhelming. While you have all of these fun things happening, duty remains—at least you have a strong network to call on for help! Thursday’s full moon makes clear who you can rely on, and who might just be a social climber (or maybe you can be honest about your tendencies to be opportunistic in relationships, too—we’re only human). Friendships are important, and the full moon is a great time to celebrate them. Get your responsibilities squared away this week so you can be with your people this weekend.


Scorpio (October 23 - November 22)

Others can see your flair, but it might be hard for you to witness as the planet of beauty, Venus, is very close to the blinding beams of the sun. As Venus meets the sun very early Wednesday morning, there is an authentic truth about the values you hold in the highest regard. Attention is garnered as you show that you are a consistent person. On Thursday, the full moon brings clarity about your emotions from the distant past, or that have been inherited from your family. It feels easy to see how these things influence who you are today, but going forward, maybe you can leave them behind. Your planetary ruler Mars moves into Virgo, allowing you to dedicate yourself to the pursuit of your hopes and dreams.


Sagittarius (November 21 - December 21)

It is clear to you what awaits on the horizon. The sun meets Venus, the planet of love and values, acting as a north star to guide you into the farthest distances. There is pleasure in growth and moving on with your life. Sagittarius is a fiercely independent sign that explores worlds beyond their own, and now it’s all the more pleasurable to push over and beyond. The full moon in Aquarius shows you what research needs to be done, and what information you need to process and acquire in order to reach these great distances. Action planet Mars enters Virgo on Sunday, and you will have a lot of energy to put yourself out there and be seen.


Capricorn (December 21 - January 19)

You are able to clearly understand the ways you can pay off your debts or inherit something that is owed to you, as the sun meets with Venus, the planet of money. There are a lot of changes happening this Leo season, but have some faith that these adjustments are transformational, evolutionary. There is little fear in your approach to tough, tricky financial subjects now. The full moon on Thursday shows a financial climax—where your money is now is at its max. Use this perspective to see what you can do differently moving forward. Warrior Mars moves into Virgo on Sunday, helping you pave the way and giving you more energy to push through to the next phase of life as you pursue your ideal destination.


Aquarius (January 19 - February 18)

Warmth and affection fill your relationships as the sun meets sweet Venus early Wednesday morning. Other people can make their values and desires clear to you. It’s been a pretty sweet time to be in love and have other people in your life that you admire, and the good news is that the saccharine sunshine carries into this week! Of course, you can add a little bitter sarcasm to cut through the bullshit in true Aquarius fashion. Thursday’s full moon in Aquarius is your time to shine and balance out your relationships. Yes, you adore your people, but sometimes they take up too much space. This full moon shows how this affects you, for better or worse!


Pisces (February 18 - March 20)

Come Wednesday, it becomes crystal clear how you should organize your day-to-day life as the sun meets Venus, bringing succinct truths about what you truly value and how you should divvy up your schedule. You can get things done if you just understand what feels best to do. Of course it’s a tremendous ask to tell someone to be happy with their work obligations, but if you reframe this commitment as something that’s supporting something else in your life that’s very important, then it can be a little more pleasurable to eat your veggies and go to bed on time. The full moon in Aquarius asks you to witness how you volunteer your time and emotions, either intentionally or unintentionally.


Aries (March 20 - April 19)

What a magical time to be in love and enjoy your life, am I right? The sun meets with sweet Venus early Wednesday morning, bringing passion and pleasure your way. Whenever you’re happy you have to recognize it, cherish it, and hold on to that moment because it’s real, it’s special, and not everyone can feel courageously guiltless about their pleasures like you can, Aries! Thursday’s full moon lights up your house of hopes and dreams, making it clear what it is you wish for. Your friends and networks all want to see you succeed. Use this time to recognize and be grateful for your dreams that have come true. Your planetary ruler Mars moves into Virgo on Sunday, bringing you extra energy to get your chores done.


Taurus (April 19 - May 20)

Early Wednesday morning, the sun and Venus align, shedding an authentic light on the things that you value and hold closest to you. Your family, home, and bed are all things that you can “purify” in a sense as Venus becomes purified by the light of the sun. It’s a time to evaluate. This week asks some big questions, like: What are your most personal, core values? You are a consistent and resilient sign, and you can recognize how these values have been inherited or become stagnant. Thursday’s full moon asks how you’d like to be received by the public, or even by those in your life with authority over you, like your boss. You can clearly see how your position and where you come from affect your reputation.


Gemini (May 20 - June 21)

You’re in a brilliantly romantic state of mind as the sun meets with sweet Venus early in the morning on Wednesday. Whimsical ideas are flowing and there is truth and authenticity to these expressions of affection—you better cherish it! The full moon on Thursday brings the perfect opportunity to share these sweet things that are on your mind. Take the time to tell people how you feel about them, or to simply express yourself through writing or art. Put your beautiful mind out there, Gemini! Your planetary ruler Mercury clashes with Uranus, the planet of surprises, on Friday, stimulating your mind even more as you ponder the mysteries of the universe and come up with creative ideas.


Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Witness the truth about your financial situation as the sun meets the planet of money, Venus, early Wednesday morning. You are a sign that is notoriously sentimental about objects, dear Cancer, and you stereotypically hold on to collections of amulets that carry meaning and memories. Wednesday can accentuate this quality about you. It’s a good time to find something very beautiful if you’re out shopping. The full moon on Thursday can be a time to give this object as a gift, or it may be a financially climactic time as the moon illuminates your house of shared resources, showing you where there are debts to be paid off or pointing you towards the people who could help you out in a pinch.

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