Dave Grohl Gives His Own Severed Head to Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel will, he says, pass it on to his own mother.
August 3, 2018, 2:39pm

Last Halloween, when Jimmy Kimmel was away taking care of his son, Dave Grohl donned slacks and a bomber, strapped on a big fake beard, and stepped in as the guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The musical guest that night was, appropriately, Alice Cooper, who performed with Grohl and the Foo Fighters as his backing band. And because Cooper hasn't lost an drop of his theatrical juices over the years, he closed his performance by getting decapitated. For reasons that are still beyond me, when Cooper's executioners reached into the basket to pull out his severed head, they came up with a copy of Grohl's instead.


Grohl returned to Kimmel last night as a guest, and he brought that very same head with him as a gift. So, at the top of the page, you can watch Dave Grohl present Dave Grohl's head to Jimmy Kimmel. The host says he plans to regift it to his own mother. May we all one day be wealthy enough to give our friends wildly impractical gifts.

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