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Notifi's “Won’t Get Lonely” Is Eerie R&B To Cruise Alone To

The Scarborough, by way of Montreal, artist makes his grand, mysterious introduction.

The very new and very secretive Notifi is an artist and, well, that’s pretty much all we know about this guy right now. He came out of nowhere with a driving R&B-rap track called “Won’t Get Lonely.” The cinematic and romantically charged video was directed by Zac Facts, who is known for working with artists like Sean Leon and Tory Lanez. It shows a kind of tough-love story with Notifi, whose face hidden in obscurity. It’s a dominant theme in his career so far. What we do know is the 24-year-old artist has a debut EP planned for the fall. The Montreal-born Notifi grew up in the Scarborough area of Toronto and began rapping as a teenager, and now he works out of the Jane and Finch area of Driftwood. His style can be traced from inspirations like Kanye and R&B artists like Usher, Michael Jackson and, of course, the Mount Rushmore of Toronto greats. “I don’t get lonely,” Notifi sings on the new track. We sent some questions to Notifi to try and find out more about the artist. Here’s what he had to say: Tell us about the song. The theme of "missing the moment" seems important.
“Won't Get Lonely” is about the ups and downs/give and take of your everyday relationship. It's about holding on to your sanity through the thick of it all, through the madness, realizing that you can’t control everything but at the same time you can control some things, being lonely is one of those things. Being at peace with what is. I made the record months ago, pulled up the beat, dropped the melodies on it and the rest is history. What was it like working with Zac Facts for the video?
To me, Zac is a staple in the city. He's one of those guys you want to work with just because. I remember years ago when I would watch his videos and wish I could get my videos to look like that, I even searched up his contact and tried to hit him up for a video but it never worked out so it's crazy to see that years later things came full circle and I got to finally work with him. What kind of vibe are you trying to put out?
I love music. I love to rap, sing and everything in between. I wanna put out the kind of music that I love to make, the records that mean something to me whether its a record I can turn up to with my bros or one that you can kick back to on a late night drive home or even one your girl can annoy you with because she loves it so much. Whatever vibe I’m feeling at that moment that's what I’m going to put into the record every time. What projects can we look forward to? Any album on the way?
I have a project coming in the fall if everything goes as planned. I have a lot of records in the vault so the hardest part will be picking the best records that represent me as a person and as an artist.

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