Jon Vinyl’s “Star-Crossed” Is a Tender Space-R&B Ode to Big-Budget Romance

The Toronto singer goes astral with a new single about a love that won’t quit.
Photo Credit: What I Like Studios

The 1990s were, for whatever reason, dominated by epic films about larger-than-life romances, culminating in James Cameron’s enduring three-hour opus Titanic. It’s this movie that Toronto’s Jon Vinyl pays homage to in the chorus of “Star-Crossed,” (“DiCaprio and Winslet on Titanic, classic”) though the title obviously refers to Romeo and Juliet, itself adapted into a 90s epic romance also starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Perhaps the specific 90s movie being referred to here is irrelevant when the song is this dang good. Vinyl glides on the production, which travels from puffy-eyed keys to slippery J Dilla drums and stank-face basslines.


“‘Star-Crossed’ is based around a contemporary love story, with the concept that the person who cares the least actually wins,” says Vinyl, “Most people try to play hard to get; by not over-texting, seeming like they’re busy when they aren’t, and purposely taking hours to respond to their supposed ‘loved ones.’ This record is about dropping all of the games and boldly expressing that you are crazy about each other… especially if the universe has decided that you’re not meant to be.” Listen to “Star-Crossed” below.