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Ben Stiller's Teenage Post-Punk Band Are Finally Reissuing Their Debut LP

A remastered and expanded version of Capital Punishment's 'Roadkill' will finally come out on Captured Tracks this September. A single from the record, "Muzak Anonymous," came out alongside the announcement.

I Was a Teenager in Ben Stiller’s Punk Band

Three years ago, Brooklyn-based indie label Captured Tracks announced that they'd be reissuing Roadkill, the 1982 debut album from NYC post-punk band Capital Punishment. The record itself wasn't the sort of thing that most labels would have picked up again after years in the dust-covered attic, but each of the band's members had an interesting claim to fame: Kriss Roebling's ancestors built the Brooklyn Bridge; Peter Swann went on to be a Supreme Court Justice for the state of Arizona; Peter Zusi moved to the UK and became a Professor of Slavic Studies at University College London. And then there was the band's drummer, the kid dressed up like Che Guevara on the front cover of Roadkill—future Hollywood A-lister Ben Stiller.

"Ben was, and still is, just a regular guy," Zusi told Noisey back then. "If I think about the way Ben's career has developed, a lot of it has been around making connections between weirdo behavior and regular people. Ben always had a quirky sense of humor, and he was good at communicating that to people that weren’t as quirky as we were. With this album, it was all a certain type of rebellion in the direction of oddball. And that's what this album reflects to my mind."

This morning, Captured Tracks finally confirmed details of the rerelease. A remastered and expanded version of Roadkill will be out on September 14, and another single from the record, "Muzak Anonymous," accompanied the announcement. Like "Confusion," which slunk out back in 2015, it's all jagged and shouty and faux-Cockney. But unlike "Confusion," it is recognizably a song. Listen to that below and try not to imagine Ben Stiller wearing one of Devo's energy domes.

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