'Dealers' Arrested for Selling Pancake Mix to Undercover Cops

They tried to pass it off as $27,000 worth of cocaine. A pun-heavy police statement ensued.
June 25, 2017, 4:00pm
Photo by Flickr user Mike Mozart.

We've all heard about the guy selling dime bags of oregano, and watched Dirk Diggler try to pass off baking soda as cocaine in Boogie Nights. But two particularly ambitious wannabe dealers might have just won the Fake Drugs Award when they attempted to sell a kilo of pancake mix…to cops.

Rafael Osorio Jr., 18, and Jaime Anselmo, 19, were apprehended and charged with multiple felony counts of possession and delivery of a controlled substance, as well as the "manufacture or delivery of a look-alike substance," the Chicago Tribune reports.


The pair had allegedly been dealing small amounts of cocaine to undercover agents earlier this year in the Chicago suburb of Elgin. After a few sales, police arranged to purchase a kilo of cocaine from them for $27,000.

The two met with undercover police earlier this week and delivered a package of white powder wrapped up in plastic and tape; they were subsequently taken into custody.

Police later determined that the package contained only pancake mix. No word on whether it was Bisquick or Aunt Jemima.

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In case you think the absurdity of this situation was lost on the cops, well, here's what Elgin PD police chief Jeffry Swoboda said in a press statement:

"This complex case involved a mix of many divisions within Elgin PD which is always a recipe for success," Chief Jeffrey Swoboda said in an impressively pun-heavy statement. "On a serious investigation like this, we will never short stack our efforts."

Get it? Mix! Recipe! Short stack!

Who said cops had no sense of humor?