Vince Staples Says He's Bumped Travis Scott the Most This Year

And everything else we learned from his Reddit AMA.
June 13, 2017, 8:24pm
Photo: Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

People love listening to Vince Staples talk. A big reason for that is because he is a really smart guy with great ideas and is also funny as hell. Very soon the world will be able to hear Vince talk more, because his album Big Fish Theory is arriving next Friday, June 23. In preparation of its release, the Long Beach native took to Reddit's Hip Hop Heads page today for an AMA session with fans and it's as entertaining and insightful as you'd wish for. Here are some of the crucial gems dropped by Mr. Staples today:


On whether or not he likes Eric B or Rakim better:

"2 Chainz"

If he'd rather fight 100 duck-sized XXXtentacion's or one horse-sized Rob Stone:

"X is already duck sized hahahaha"

What album he's listened to the most this year:

"Travis Scott album"

His favorite thing about Sprite:

"It's a tie between the lemons and the limes"

His opinion on Death Grips:

"I've never heard it but I support all black men trying to live out their dreams"

On whether or not he folds or crumbles toilet paper:

"Fold always"

On his favorite romantic comedy

"500 Days of Summer. I like watching white people struggle through life."

On if he'd had sex with the conservative mom who read his "Norf Norf" lyrics:


What the fish on Big Fish Theory cover's name is:


Vince also discussed a variety of topics from what artists he'd like to collaborate with to his favorite Lil B quote. Read the rest of his AMA here.

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