Nas Calls Donald Trump Out on His Racism in an Open Letter

He also said he believes art can be one of our most effective weapons in this era.
May 31, 2017, 2:44pm

Many Americans were sick of Donald Trump's shit before he was even elected into office. And as he continues to serve his four-year term as President, more people will speak on their issues with his actions. The latest public figure to come out against Trump is hip-hop legend Nas, who is no stranger to calling out what he sees wrong with society. In an open letter published by Mass Appeal Tuesday, the Queens native declared that for a black person to be unbothered by the country's social climate, they have to denounce their racial identity. He also shared his thoughts on the 45th President of the United States' racist behavior:

We all know a racist is in office. People can talk their shit. Comedians can sound racist. People can go through their moments of that shit, but when you have the responsibility of being President and you carry on like that, you send a strong message to people outside of your group that they ain't worth shit.

He continued to say that he believes art will be one of oppressed class's strongest weapons during this time. As a teen living through the equally-turbulent Reagan Administration, Nas made his mark on the world as one of the leading voices of frustrated black youth. For that reason, he claims to not be deeply affected by who is in office, but by how that person's actions are affecting the people he cares most about.

Whatever president may be in office doesn't affect my work directly. The way he affects people is what affects me. I observe what's going on and that goes into my creative process. The person himself, I'm not caught up with. I don't even have time for Trump or Pence. I don't give a fuck.

With a little more than three years to go in Trump's term, we are sure to get similar messages from figures we look to the most in trying times. Read the full open letter here.

Photo: Taken from Nas' Instagram.

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