This story is over 5 years old.

Watch a Mario Speedrunner Deal With Crushing Loss in the Best Way Possible

Darbian doesn’t let a gnarly kill stop him from sticking it to the Hammer Brothers.
Image courtesy of Nintendo

Speedrunner Darbian just lost a World Record-pace run of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels to a dastardly Bullet Bill, but that didn't keep him from nailing a bananas trick in the next minute, a glitch that allows the player to dodge Hammer Bros. from the bleeding edge of a ledge.

Is it a fairly well-known glitch? Sure, but it still looks cool as hell in action, and it helps dispel the disappointment from that jackass Bullet Bill.

It's always good to see runners take a rough turn in stride like this, as much as a WR-killer can be a bummer. Good luck to Darbian on nailing that one perfect run in the future!