The Guide to Getting Into the Volumes Festival 2017 Line Up

Sydney's biggest arts and music showcase just announced its first round line up. It's big, so we've picked some standouts.
June 21, 2017, 10:26pm
Josh Groom

These past two years, arts and music showcase Volumes Festival has breathed new life into Sydney's nightlife, turning Oxford Square into a beating heart of culture and good times and people—as it should always be able to be. Last year, as Noisey stood on the streets outside the various heaving venues, and vox popped the likes of Jaric (the man with all the universe's secrets in a chokehold), we found ourselves falling in love with Sydney at night again.


This morning marks the announce of Volumes number three's first line up announce and, as was expected, it is a veritable feast of What's Good in Australia Right Now. But, as we learned as punters at the thing last year, it's impossible to get around to it all. So here are our picks for the best of the fest (did we just make that up? Think so):


Hatchie is the Brisbane newcomer whose one and only single "Try" draws you in with Cocteau Twins and Sky Ferreira vibes. Check out the song below, and see our interview with Hatchie from last month here.


Baro has grown up a lot since he dropped his HOWGOODISGOOD? mixtape at just 17-years-old. It's been a big few years. This year's LP Just Problems You Need To Know was a huge step in a hugely new direction for the artist, and his shows since its release have been unmissable. If you somehow missed them, see the guy at Volumes!


Noisey (and a sizeable chunk of Australia's east coast) fell in love with RVG this year after the release of their debut album A Quality of Mercy. We interviewed the group's frontwoman Romy Vager back in March.


ORION are, undeniably, one of Australia's best and most exciting bands. We were just a small bit obsessed with "Sexy Alien" back when they first released it, and this year's self titled album was nothing short of fucking wonderful.


Noisey Australia is nothing if not forward and outright about our love and admiration of Retiree; a band whose stage presence is something to be seen and whose likeness to Talking Heads and Tears for Fears is a welcome thing. See our recent interview with Tori Holleman here.

Genesis Owusu

One of Australia's most interesting and promising rappers is Genesis Owusu, whose debut release The Cardrive EP dropped just last week. As has been the run of things with Owusu, it's really fucking good.

Lucy Cliche

Lucy Cliche has been a Sydney music staple for many years now, operating across all kinds of genres and in all kinds of mysterious ways, but she's had resounding success with her solo project, making absolutely unstoppable techno music. Not to be missed.

Volumes Festival will run on the weekend of August 19. Pre-sale tickets are available here now. Stay tuned for more line up announcements.

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