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Try and Look Away From These Satisfying, Perfectly Looped Animations

German designer Branco Rooijakkers’s mesmerizing loops defy all laws of physics.

Staring at geometric, perfectly looped animations by German artist Branco Rooijakkers, a.k.a bran_cuzi is almost as satisfying as watching the bouncing DVD logo precisely bump the corner of your TV screen. The Cologne-based motion graphics designer creates clever minimalist GIFs that play with shape, color, and physics. Using programs like Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects, Rooijakkers pieces together precisely timed sequences using abstract geometric arrangements to showcase impossible balance and synchrony.


The artist occasionally incorporates a limp humanoid into his configurations to help demonstrate their gravity-defying ingenuity. His work resembles the pastel animated loops made by Michael Marczewski and other minimalist GIF artists like Esteban Diánoco and Zeitguised. Rooijakkers's animations play like a Newton's Cradle that's been constructed digitally. Maybe in the future, you'll have one of these little looped mechanisms sitting on your desk. Check out some works by the artist below:

Rooijakkers is one half of Studiokiezel, a studio based in Cologne that works in motion graphics, animation, and visual effects. Learn more about Studiokiezel on their website, and be sure to check out more work by Branco Rooijakkers on Instagram.

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