Broken Boogie and Acid Dancehall Feature in this Week's Seven Most Played

This week we've mostly been enjoying music by Legowelt, Abra, Marcus Intalex and more.
June 2, 2017, 9:20am

Theresa May probably doesn't listen to music, and if she does she'll be one of those people who used to carry an iPod around but only have a few Queen tracks, something from The Lion King and maybe "(Is This The Way To) Amarillo" on it.

Jeremy Corbyn, however, probably listens to the same kind of stuff we like here on THUMP, which means that over the last few days, he's probably been bumping Circuitry's rediscovered boogie gem "She's Just That Type of Girl" on the battle bus. You can only assume that he's also been delving into his endless pots of jam while listening to Leo James' undulating "The Surface", Legowelt's face-melting explorations in the gap between dancehall and acid house, Florentino's stop-start edit of "Crybaby" by Abra and Bok Bok's latest tune too. Let us know if that's the case, Jeremy, and we'll wing you a few stickers over. Nice one.


This week's Corbyn-approved selections are bookended by a pair of top teir mixes, in the shape of yet another mindblowing assemblage of sounds from the self-styled King of the Blends, Teki Latex, and a timely reminder of the talents of the recently departed Marcus Intalex, in the shape of his contribution to the Fabriclive series.

1. Teki Latex - Impressions

2. Circuitry - She's Just that Type of Girl

3. Leo James - The Surface

4. Legowelt - Frankie Wilmott Legowelt Acidhall Remix

5. Abra - Crybaby (Florentino Remix)

6. Bok Bok - Island Hopping

7. Marcus Intalex - Fabriclive 35