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Smash Tanks and Slam Dunks in This Kaiju Rhythm Game

In Super Kaiju Dunk City you dribble to the beat and lay ruin to civilization.

Sure, the Cavs wiped out the Raptors this year. But if the Raptors had an actual giant reptile like their namesake, I'm sure things would have gone differently. Exhibit A: A new free rhythm game called Super Kaiju Dunk City where a giant monster sticks to the script, demolishing the city and turning an army into cereal dust, but mixing it up a bit with some one-on-army hoops.

The game was created for the latest Ludum Dare game jam. Since 2002, Ludum Dare gives game makers 48 hours to create a game from scratch based around a theme, the latest one being "Small World." To a 40-storey scaley behemoth I suppose the world would seem pretty small. Pressing your keys to increasingly faster J-pop rhythms, you stomp out tanks, bust up helicopters, shove giant Ultramen heros, dribble soldiers into pavement stains and slam those fucking dunks. Each choke takes a bite out of your health. Technically this monster is travelling but, by all means, call him out.

The game gets pretty, but with practice you too can destroy civilization for basketball. This game shouldn't be misinterpreted as an endorsement for all giant monsters having game. After all Godzilla, king of all monsters, did get schooled by Charles Barkley.

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