Scuba, Eats Everything and More in the DJ World React to the London Attacks

Seven people were killed yesterday in attacks in the UK city.
June 4, 2017, 2:26pm

Seven people were killed and many more injured in what has been declared a major terrorist attack in London. A man reportedly drove into a large crowd with a white van. Later, he joined two other knife-wielding assailants in stabbing multiple people in Borough Market, a popular area of the city. Metropolitan Police were able to shoot and kill the three assailants within minutes of the initial attack.


As news of the attacks continue to unfold, many in the DJ and nightlife world, especially those from the UK like Zane Lowe, Eats Everything, and Scuba, have offered their condolences.


Patrick Topping

The Black Madonna

Mike Servito


Eats Everything

Zane Lowe