PartyNextDoor Goes on Overnight Tear, Releases Two More New Songs

"Put It On Silent" and "Naked" hit Soundcloud in the very early hours of Sunday morning.
August 27, 2017, 10:50am
Photo via PartyNextDoor on Instagram

After releasing two new songs in "Break Me Down" and "Damn" on Friday afternoon, Canadian rapper and producer PartyNextDoor went on an overnight tear on Saturday. Another two songs his his Soundcloud page overnight—"Put It On Silent" a few minutes after 3 AM EST, "Naked" an hour or so later.

"Put It On Silent" is a mostly forgettable track about having sex with a girl who's in a relationship with another man. Here is a lyric from the song: "Girl there's someone out there / Who got sympathy for your nigga / Not me." Now imagine that happening for four minutes with some Auto-Tune. That's "Put It On Silent."

"Naked" is the superior track, an R&B-pop cut that could have borrowed its synth sounds from new-age yoga videos. It's lyrically skimpy, but it's a solid strip-club slow-jam. That triumph of production shouldn't be surprising.

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