Metallica Are Releasing a Deluxe Reissue of 'Master of Puppets'

Featuring never-before-bootlegged tracks from the band's "personal collection."
August 30, 2017, 5:26pm
Image via screencap

Metallica's breakthrough Master of Puppets, thrash metal's Mozart moment, is 31 years-old this year. That's not an exact time frame for an anniversary reissue but hey, we'll take it. The band announced that they're going to reissue Puppets in a deluxe three-CD format with a fresh new remaster (of puppets). You can watch James Hetfield doing a very metal unboxing of the package below.

As the official site says, the limited edition includes "unreleased demos, rough mixes, interviews and live tracks, many of which have never even been available in the collector or bootleg community and were pulled from our personal collections." You're basically buying a comprehensive documentary, is what Metallica is saying here. Let's see if they can out-diehard the diehards when the reissue comes out November 10. In the meantime, remember how much this album rips below.

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