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Poll: How many times can the Mooch be publicly humiliated?

Anthony Scaramucci’s new media outlet, The Scaramucci Post, doesn’t have a website or a mission statement or any visible employees, but someone there is reportedly getting fired over an early-morning tweet about the Holocaust.

Awe, did @ScaramucciPost take down his Holocaust denial poll?

The a.m. tweet, which polled followers of ScaramucciPost’s Twitter account on how many Jews died in the Holocaust, was deleted early Tuesday morning. CNN’s Jake Tapper, citing “sources close to Scaramucci,” reported the former White House communications director was “furious” about the poll and noted “he’s going to take immediate disciplinary action. At least one person is getting fired.”


(Scaramucci himself was fired from the Trump administration after only 11 days on the job. During that time, his then-pregnant wife gave birth to their child without him there and subsequently filed for divorce.)

Two minutes after Tapper’s report, the Mooch’s longtime friend Lance Laifer — a 51-year-old former hedge fund director from Long Island turned social media expert perhaps best known for following almost 700,000 people from the model Taye Digg’s verified Twitter account — took responsibility for the tweet.

In a follow-up tweet, Laifer apologized “if anyone was offended by the Holocaust poll.”

Laifer, who’s been friends with Scaramucci for 20 years, is still listed as the account’s social media director. He recently told Bloomberg he was driven to work with Scaramucci on the venture — though both men admit they have no idea what the venture actually is — “because he believes there is an opportunity to make the world a better place from the center.”