Watch: How to Pick a Lock

It’s easier than you think

You can't keep your data secure software alone. A good hacker knows a complex set of skills that includes computers, social engineering, and physical security. That means a hacker that really wants your stuff will know how to pick a lock to get it.

Motherboard sat down with security analyst Ersin Domangue for a demonstration of the underutilized skill. It’s one of those activities that sounds complicated and scary, but is remarkably simple.

To be clear, this method will only work with simple pin tumbler locks—but that’s most doors and Masterlock style padlocks. These locks open when a series of pins inside the lock shaft align. The key used to open them is cut specifically to align those pins in just the right way, but it’s easy to replicate the action of a key with a tension bar and pick.

Master this technique and you’ll never have to call a locksmith when you’re locked out of your home again.