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The Beths’ "Happy Unhappy" Captures the Rollercoaster of Having a Crush

It's the latest single from their debut album 'Future Me Hates Me,' and it's really good.

Everyone idealises having a crush until you actually get one, and realise that it’s actually pretty exhausting, agonising over which text to send and why they haven’t responded and why they left you on read, and whether it’s weird to be obsessing so much. “Happy Unhappy”, the wonderful new single from Auckland four-piece The Beths, pinpoints this exact feeling of frustration perfectly. “You’re in my brain taking up space I need for delivering lies and suppressing the sighs”, sings lead singer/guitarist Elizabeth Stokes on the song’s wonderfully acerbic pre-chorus, before pivoting to something altogether much sweeter: “and for navigating escape when I get lost in your eyes, it’s taking up all of my time”. The track deals with this frustrating duality perfectly; it’s nice to care about someone, but it’s a real pain too.


"Happy Unhappy" is another winner from The Beths, after 2016’s excellent EP Warm Blood, and the equally great singles “Great No One” and “Future Me Hates Me”. “Happy Unhappy” is taken from The Beths’ debut album Future Me Hates Me, which is out on August 10th on Carpark, and features both “Great No One” and “Future Me Hates Me”. It’s gonna be a good one! Watch the video for “Happy Unhappy” above.

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